Meet Morgan

Morgan has always had an eye for design ever since she can remember! When she was a little girl she enjoyed choosing new bedding, decor and paint colors for her bedroom with her mother. There was always something intriguing about the process of designing and making a space special for yourself. A space that made you feel good inside.

Morgan started pursuing all things interior design when she bought her first home with her husband in 2014. With little money and a can-do attitude Morgan and her husband began designing and DIY-ing their 1,000 square foot home. They transformed that dated 70’s home and started documenting all of their projects on Morgan’s Instagram page @mydivinehome

Along with starting a new Instagram page Morgan also started a new furniture business. She learned how to refurbish furniture as well as build new furniture to save money and furnish her home. This inspired her to make one of kind furniture pieces for others. During this time she learned a lot about customer service and running a small business. It was a perfect creative outlet and opportunity to serve others.

Eventually Morgan decided it was time to close down her furniture business after life started to get busier. She had her first son in 2017 and became a stay at home mom. It was also the right timing to sell her first home and move into a larger home for her growing family. This second home was in need of some love too and it was an opportunity to exercise Morgan’s design skills once more. House number two was soon completely remodeled from the inside out. Morgan and her husband learned what it was like to remodel a bigger home on a budget. It was a challenge and a joy to create a beautiful + functional home for their family.

After two home remodels and three kids later Morgan learned how healthy it was for her to have a creative outlet outside of being a full time mom. For awhile she found enjoyment designing and creating for herself but she soon realized how much more she enjoyed helping others with their homes.

Morgan started her interior design business in 2020 pursing her passion of design and helping others achieve a home they have always wanted. After starting her business Morgan and her husband found their 3rd home and remodel project. She considers this her dream home and real life portfolio for clients to see. All DIY projects and home sources are shared on her Instagram which is something she also loves to do!

Her style brings a minimalistic fresh new feel while also adding functionality and a sense of purpose. She loves creating light and airy spaces with neutrals, touches of wood tones, textures and greenery. Morgan truly enjoys putting her special touch on homes and working with clients to fulfill their design needs. Bringing peace and direction in every single design process.

The name My Divine Home started from the definition of “Divine” Which means “of, from, or like God”

Morgan has always felt from the heart that her loves and passions come from the Lord. Therefor she feels a sense of purpose when using her gifts to serve others. She hopes to create meaningful relationships while inspiring and encouraging people along the way!

Your surroundings affect the way you feel and your home should be a reflection of who you are and the things you love. Let’s make your house a place you love to call home!